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About Us

Our Story

Thanks for visiting Akasha World Kitchen, an exciting culinary destination located in the heart of Yankton, SD. Founded by Robert, a passionate food enthusiast with a deep love for gastronomy, Akasha World Kitchen is the culmination of his lifelong dream to create a dining experience that transcends borders and embraces the diversity of global cuisine.

With over 40 years of experience in the culinary world, Robert's expertise and creativity shine through in every dish served at Akasha World Kitchen. His unwavering dedication to quality, flavor, and innovation has made him a respected figure in the industry, and he continues to push boundaries to bring you an exceptional dining experience.

The Fifth Element

The name "Akasha" holds a special significance to us. Inspired by the ancient concept of the fifth element, Akasha represents the ethereal substance that connects and harmonizes all other elements of nature. It symbolizes the essence of creation, the space where everything begins. Just as Akasha brings together the elements, our restaurant aims to bring together diverse flavors and culinary traditions from around the world.

Our Culinary Journey Spans All Continents

At Akasha World Kitchen, we take pride in our extensive menu that showcases the best of international cuisine. From savory Italian pasta dishes and aromatic Indian curries to bold Spanish flavors and delicate Vietnamese Bahn Mi, our culinary offerings are a journey that takes you across continents without leaving your seat. We source fresh, high-quality ingredients from local farmers and suppliers to ensure that every dish is a celebration of authentic flavors.

But our passion for food doesn't stop at the kitchen. We believe that dining is an experience that engages all the senses. Our warm and inviting atmosphere, combined with attentive service, creates the perfect ambiance for you to savor each moment. Whether you're enjoying a romantic dinner for two or gathering with friends and family, Akasha World Kitchen is the place where memorable moments are created.

As a new addition to the culinary scene in Yankton, we are excited to welcome you to Akasha World Kitchen. We invite you to join us on a culinary adventure, where you can explore the rich tapestry of flavors from around the world. Indulge your taste buds, embrace new culinary experiences, and allow us to transport you to distant lands through the artistry of food.

Ready to Discover the Magic?

Come and discover the magic of Akasha World Kitchen, where food becomes a journey and dining becomes an experience like no other. We look forward to serving you and sharing our passion for global cuisine.

Our Menu